Keyword Tools with Traffic Travis from Affilorama

There is no lack of keywords, and there are some great Keyword Tools available on the internet. This is not what is stopping me...

My online business is going very slowly, mainly held up by two things - a lack of confidence in my abilities and a lack of time - especially the time needed to learn how to do this. 

I have looked at many different programs and tutorials, and my favorites over the last five years have been:
David Bocock with 4DMMB (4 Day Money Making Blueprint)
Travis Sago with BumMarketingMethod and Instacash Keywords
Pot Pie Girl with OneWeekMarketing
~ to name a few. 

But... my all time favorite, and the person who gives me the most hope is a fellow countryman, Mark Ling, founder of Affilorama (AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack) and Traffic Travis

This is what Mark has to say about this tool (Traffic Travis):

"Whether you're aiming to get traffic from paid methods or through search engine optimization, Traffic Travis is an indispensable research tool. With it you can not only track your own site's performance, you can also peek under the hood of your competitors' sites.

Traffic Travis gives you a huge range of SEO and PPC research tools, including: page analysis, backlink monitoring, keyword research, and site tracking. To do the same job Traffic Travis does, you'd need to buy multiple (much more highly priced) products."

I have written hundreds of articles and posted them mostly on Ezine Articles and from those articles have received some commissions when a reader clicks through to the website and makes a purchase.

Each of these programs has taught me something or reinforced learnings, so that I have been able to use what I know to produce SEO friendly articles, and hone my writing skills in general.

However, the one tool I have consistently used through all of this is Traffic Travis (the free version) which works extremely well for someone who really is only just dipping her toe in the water - so to speak. I know that whether I dangle my toes or I finally jump in 'boots and all,' this tool will get me through most of the keyword research for finding keywords and checking the SEO competition that I need. (that's not all it can do, by the way...) (Check it out for all the neat things it can do for you in getting websites rank, checking backlinks and more...

My favorite tool in Traffic Travis has been the SEO tool for checking competition.

This tool tells me whether or not it will be easy to rank for the keyword or phrase that I plugged in.
That's not all though, because it also tells me what the top 10 websites have used and whether they are optimized or not. (ie whether they have their keywords in the title, or H1 tag, or their description, all easy things to do and get ranked well for)

This gives me a lot more confidence that the keyword I use will help me get free traffic by ranking well, and traffic is the key. Of course, the next thing that is required to make commissions is for the offer to convert...but that's another topic.

Not only does this keyword tool help me find out how easy a keyword is to rank, it also helps me find good keywords with good search volumes and suggests good domain names (that are available) for my website and I can even click through to a choice of domain name websites to make my purchase from inside my Traffic Travis cool is that?