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Well, my year began with a bang! How about you?

We had a lovely time over Christmas and New Years with family and friends just relaxing, and I had just finished writing 160 articles in the 5th#HAHD for goal had been 200 but things went a little 'pear-shaped' and I did not quite make it.

There is another HAHD on, the 6th and final one in the series, which is a bit sad because I was hoping for a break, and then I was aiming again for 200 articles, but with a broken bone in my left hand and very slooooow typing, and a few other things going on like work, looking for a house to buy and subsequently move into, as well as offering our moving/packing services to my sister and her family in a couple of months time and working on 'making my millions' through the internet, I will not have the time to do another hundred articles in a hundred days challenge justice!

I am serious though, about making money online. I firmly believe that a good living can be made through affiliate marketing and I enjoy writing articles especially about things that can affect people's lives for good.

I recently purchased, not one, but two 'programs' (for want of a better word), or licenses to specialist software, in order to make money through ClickBank products for one, and through websites and thousands of free traffic for the other.

They are both new out and you can check them out through these links: AutoTrafficHijack and XtremeTrafficArbitrage.

The other thing I have finally gotten into is HubPages. I have long been aware that the way to get found on the internet is to have great page rankings and plenty of back-links. Now doing that for yourself takes time, so getting into internet presences like EzineArticles, HubPages and places like Squidoo is a great way to 'borrow' that ranking and back-links.

Another thing that interested me in HubPages is that it has wide readership, good rankings and opportunities to monetize your pages, as you can do with any website you set up. It is a great community of interesting writers and the range of subjects covered is as wide as this planet is round!

If you are interested in checking it out and having a look round, start here- HubPages.

One other place that I have found, that I believe will help me enormously with setting up an online business, is the help I can get from a chap called Mark Ling, a New Zealander like myself. When I found out he was living in my country I must be brutally honest and say that my faith in him rose significantly, and I found it a lot easier to trust what he is saying on his website Affilorama.

A lot of the information on his website is free as he believes in giving back and it is geared to getting even the greenest internet newbie started on their way. He even managed to get his Dad going, making his income through the wonders of the internet when he had a change in job direction - nice term for being laid off or something similar!

The only other person who I would recommend is Rosalind Gardner who has been around for ages and knows what she is talking about. You can look at her Super Affiliate manual and get set up properly.I bought it ages ago(as in over 10 years) and somehow lost it in my many moves, so went ahead and bought it again, some profitable bedtime reading coming up...?

So, how are you doing with your online business? What have you found out lately, and what is working for you, and what isn't?
Drop me a line and I would love to hear how you are going...

All the best for the New Year and may it be a blessed, prosperous and happy New Year for you and yours...

wishing you lotsa love and everything good ... Jo

PS Here a photo of our new dog, Lily aged approx 3 and a half months old, taken today -

PPS I also now have 4 lenses up and running on Squidoo which I have recently joined and those lenses can be found here:



Disclaimer: There are links on this page that I may receive commission on if any products are purchased, thank you.

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