Holiday at Hanmer Springs at Easter

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After our big house move, Tim and I talked about going away for four days over the Easter break, so he organized it.

We were booked into a motel called Alpine Motels and after a relatively uneventful drive; we drove from home straight after I finished work arriving in Hanmer a little after eight in the evening.

Unfortunately, like most motels, the walls seemed to be 'paper-thin' and it was not always quiet - with us ending up listening to the bangs of doors, laughter of the 'neighbors' visitors and the talking that went on into late in the evenings.

On the first day there, Tim had booked an hour horse trek over the hills surrounding the little village. The scenery was a spectacular autumn picture and the stables very 'horsey.' Tim rode a taller horse named 'Tino' and I was given a half clydesdale name 'Angel.' I was reassured that she lived up to her name and that although most horses did not like to 'tail-gate' (that is get up real close and personal with the horse's 'arse' in front) Angel was apparently the exception. The horse in front did not seem to mind and perhaps the order the horses walked in was deliberate I suspect.

I would have done the same. This reminded of a time when I was young; I remember that in my teens our family had a little hobby farm, and we had four goats. It was my job to tend to them and I would let them go in the morning to wend their way to the paddock for grazing. I would release them in a certain order, one goat liked to lead, two did not mind where in the line they were and one did not like any to follow after her, so she was last. I did the same again at night for them to go back to their stable and their grain meal for the day - which they eagerly anticipated and I never had any trouble getting them to go 'to bed!'

The next day we walked through one of the forest walks which was very peaceful, picturesque and quiet, with only the sounds of sweetly singing birds to break the silence.

There is nothing quite like getting back to nature!
We also did some 'tourist' things like visit the local shops and bought a few items, like a soft denim blue shirt for Tim, and among the various things I bought, a vibrantly colored sleeveless tunic dress at a third of the original price! The other favorite garment I bought was a merino, possum poncho in a dark moss green...very warm and attractive to wear.

There was one wee shop we went into, a gift shop, which had a 'piano' in the middle of it. It had a music roll in it and played itself - and was not for sale. The owner was a lovely lady and she told us how the instrument had belonged to her grandfather (I think). I bought a lovely pair of silver earrings there and remember her and her shop with fondness.

We also bought two wooden bowls made by an older gentleman as a souvenir of our holiday. They would make great fruit or sweet bowls.

The last day there was a little dreary, compared with the prior three days being absolutely beautiful and quite warm, so it was a perfect day to soak in the hot pools. There was a photographer who went round the bathers and he took our photo as a momento of our visit.

It was a great break, and as with all lovely interludes, far too short, and it all too quickly came to an end.

Back home it was back into 'it' again, for Tim preparing our new bedroom to be redecorated and for me to get back to work.

The government department I was seconded to, offered some full time permanent positions, which I applied for, and as of the beginning of the week, began my new job. We are in training at the moment and after an expected 3-4 weeks, will be ready to begin our new careers... exciting!

At the time of writing, our new bedroom has been painted, the new carpet laid, and the feature wall was papered just today by Tim and our brother-in-law. I spent this afternoon sewing the curtains for our new room. Next week the electrician should be coming to connect up the lights and the overhead fan. Once the curtains are finished and put up, the room should be ready for furnishing...

We went with a look that appealed to us, we wanted a sumptuous and restful room where we could go and sit and read, or relax in, as well as sleeping in. The curtains are an orange-red, while the walls are a peaceful, warm soft green. The carpet is luxurious and feels fabulous under bare feet, and is a neutral pale rabbit color - it's name is Jack Rabbit, of course! The furniture is made from rimu timber and I will be making a patchwork quilted comforter for the bed in rich reds, golds and greens as my next project...

(I might pop up a photo or not...) This bedroom will be our private place and the plan was that it would be rich, romantic and restful...a haven for our quiet times...

Anyway, that's about it from me for now... here's another photo of the horse trek... Ciao for now!

PS Currently I am reading a book about characters in Italy...wonderful way to have a free holiday isn't it? What are you reading right now?

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