Found the Perfect One Yet???

Last time we talked about the fundamental approach to
our customer.

This week, I want to speak about your online business.
When I started talking about this with you, we covered
what you were passionate about.....

I found some other very good questions to ask yourself
when looking at this topic...

With the internet and the booming techno world, it is
much easier and infinitely more common to be able to
build a small business online, from home, or anywhere
for that matter!

Have computer and internet, will travel....
especially now with VOIP...

Anyway, I digress....these questions to help search your
"dream" occupation or work....(I found these to be very

What do I really love to do (and when I am doing it, time

just flies by....)

What is my greatest contribution to others?

(This one is my favourite...)

What did I enjoy as a child but was told it was unrealistic
to ever expect to have as a career?

If money was not relevant, what kind of work would I

spend time doing?

What are the recurring themes/thoughts in life that I am

continually being drawn to?

How do I want to be remembered?

When looking for an online business, or any business, for
that matter, you want to find something that you are
interested in, something that is in sync with your core
values and beliefs so that what you think about your
business and what you say about your business are in
nothing shows up faster than someone who
does not REALLY believe in what they are doing ....
these are called Con-artists etc
and most people nowadays are very
wary of people like this...

The truth is, that most customers are looking for
something and someone who is genuine, real and honest!

So, that is the kind of business you would be looking for!
Real, genuine and honest!

You are looking for a business or company who has been
around for a few years, who has a good name, and reputation,
who has products that have been proven to be successful.

You want a company who can provide you with support
and training as required.

When you join a team, you are looking
for people who like having fun, like being there for their
customers, who are leaders (leaders are readers) so they are
continually learning and personally growing.

You are looking for successful team members as associates
and mentors.

You will have more chance at being successful if you are
associating with successful people so look for people who
you admire and you aspire to, who inspire you!

So..... are you inspired ? Great !

More next week....!

P.S. If you can't wait, and want to check this out , go here : ~

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