Long time no see ...!

Have I been away with the fairies ? No - not really, but I have been otherwise occupied and trying to build an online business.

I've hooked up with people like Travis Sago, David Bocock and Jennifer aka 'PotPieGirl'.
I have been writing articles that I have submitted to EzineArticle directory and watched as people read through my material and checked out the website linked to them.

So where am I with all of this?

Well, fortunately for me, these amazing people are into helping someone just like me get started building an online business for no or very little cost, and it is just a matter of building what is now being commonly referred to as 'Virtual Real Estate' - you know, the BIG names have it, like Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, John Reese etc, as well as my friends that I mentioned just before.

So how do you build your www real estate?

First thing you need is a plan, a goal, something you are striving to achieve.
Then you need to find the 'how-to', and you can do this one of two ways - the hard way - by trial and error and go up the steep learning curve by yourself, or the easier way, by following someone who has already done what you want to achieve and can show you how.

David (one of the friends I mentioned before) has a system or program or an education system, whatever you want to call it, that will help you get started. He calls it the '4 Day Money Making Blueprint' - I think that it is very much something I would call my Dream Blueprint. I have found it so easy to understand and it has helped me get really fired up about making my online business work.

You gotta understand something - I have found it really hard at times in my life to really believe in myself, and to be able to get excited about something like this and to think I can make this a success - is HUGE for me!

The one thing I have found while trying to build a presence online to fulfill that dream to be able to stay home and be my own boss, is that it ain't all that easy, and there are a multitude of people out there who will gladly take your money and give you what THEY think is value, but to you is worthless junk.

When I found David, Travis and Jennifer, I found people, real people like you and me, that were determined to help others get started and give way more in value than any money that they would receive.

As a matter of fact, I have not paid much at all as I learn how to build my online 'empire' and have been shown how to do all of this without any major cost - most of the time actually for free. (Now you are talking my kinda talk!)

Anyway, more about all of this later ...

Next time I will tell you a bit more about what each one of them is up to....:-)

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