Another Day - Another Article!

Well, hello from wet and raining Christchurch 'NZ downunder'...

I have spent the morning writing three articles and submitted them to Ezine Articles - author Jo Baker. EzineArticles Directory is a great place to submit articles, where I can write about topics I am interested in and that I can in some way help people with problems they are seeking solutions for.
This is called article marketing, and is the way of building an online business that David Bocock teaches in his 4 Day Money Making Blueprint.
For those who struggle with getting their heads around the process of doing all of this, like I did, the way David lays this all out has been a God-send to me. I am sure that I am not the only one who would struggle with this - or maybe I am, lol!
What do I know? I am a Granma who is just starting out on an amazing adventure, and sink or swim I am going to give it my best shot!

What was it that Mr Churchill said once.. "Never,never,never,never,never,never,...NEVER Give UP!!!

Well, thats my plan... I am in this for the long haul...
From what I have read and seen, it can take some time to get results and while I have been blessed to make a very modest three sales to date, it is just the start, and so far I have much to be grateful for!
If what I do can help someone else, then I will be doubly blessed!

So,what is the next step ... I have signed up with Ezine Article Directory for their next 4th #HAHD Marathon Challenge which means that I have set myself a goal of writing a minimum of 150 articles over 100 days starting on 1st May 2010.
I have never done anything like this before and have really only just started writing articles in earnest.

My husband, and best friend, is being such an encouragement to me right now, gently egging me on to get at LEAST one article written a day!

He amazes me though.
He has been studying computer technology for the last three years since he broke his foot in seven places.
He was working on a building site up a ladder one day, and was blown off by a strong gust of wind.
When he connected with the ground he conked his head, and came down with such force with his foot that the bones broke in seven different places.
He had a mild concussion which he got over quickly enough, but was incompacitated in plaster with his foot and unable to return to the work he was doing.
Instead of sitting around doing nothing other than feeling sorry for himself, he restarted some computer studies he had begun when he was in Australia, to keep his mind active at least, and at best, to up-skill for a different line of work, if he needed to.
As it turned out, he could not go back to the work he was doing at the time of the accident, or any other work that involved standing for any length of time.

What I am trying to get at here is, that I really admire him for getting on with something else and sticking with it.
He has set his mind to doing this course of study and even when it has been frustrating and difficult, he has persevered and pushed through whatever barrier he had encountered to successfully master each new step, and is now working toward his diploma in Computer Technology - so far,he already is a Certified Technician and is working on becoming a Network Engineer.
Man, this some serious computer study, and he can technically be called a Computer Geek now!

Suffice it to say, I am immensely proud of him and he is definitely an inspiration to me with my 'computer' business.

So what am I trying to achieve?
I intend to become an indirect sales/advertising/marketing person who builds an 'online real estate' business, looking for a need to fill...Quote from Robots (DVD movie)... "See a need, fill a need!"

This is kinda like what David, Travis and PPG (Jennifer - PotPieGirl) are doing...
and I am grateful for their help!

More tomorrow...thanks for listening/reading...

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