Just a Quick Note Tonight...

' Evening all !
Well, it is the start of a brand new week and my shift this week is 11:00am to 19:35pm and when I am finished work for the day, I bike home (30 mins) and start my 'other work' after a bite to eat, of course!

This evening, I have been looking at three videos put out by Brad Callen on SEOLinkVine.com and how to use article marketing to maximise backlinks, rank and traffic to your website.

This fits in with the 'Under the radar' free tuition put out by PPG (aka Jennifer PotPieGirl) to show newbies how to start building micro-niche websites optimised for high Adsense clicks to bring about $5 a day per site. (the link for the videos on article marketing with Brad is on the Day 7 page, and that page also has all the other pages on it as well)

So, tonight, that is all I have time for - no article, nothing else, just checking out some more info that will hopefully help me to build my online business and my understanding of how to make it all work for me.

I WILL have to write one tomorrow ...

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