Project Mom

Welcome back!

It has just been a few days since my last post, but it sure feels like I have been doing lots!
Still working full time at work, as well as battling some kind of virus which has been causing major head pain and sore ears and neck, so it has been kinda hard to think straight.

In my previous posts, I mentioned that I receive emails from and follow three people, one of them being Travis Sago - the original Bum Marketer ... or should I say - Marketeer!
Like the three Musketeers, this man stands for integrity - that is how he comes across :-)

Anyway, Travis and his wife Jeannie, are starting up a project called "Project Mom" and the plan is to set up a website, and attract traffic and sales and have Clickbank send his Mom checks every fortnight ... as a surprise ! How great is that?

And, he is making it available to anyone to follow, who wants to find out the right way to set up an affiliate-marketing website. By following what he and Jeannie do, you can do it for yourself right along with them.

Jeannie is like most of us, just starting to become familiar with the world of affiliate sites and sales, and she will help us by keeping Travis from getting too technical on us!

So, if you are interested in following along, go have a look over yonder ... ... you are most welcome to join in and, good news, no purchase whatsoever is required!

Good ol' bum marketing at its best! - Thanks Travis and Jeannie!

So where am I with Article Marketing myself?

I now have a total of 45 articles accepted on EzineArticles and have attained the status of Platinum Author.
I am so stoked to have been 'promoted' from Basic, and Basic Plus!!

My next port of call, is to rise to the challenge of the marathon - 100 Articles in 100 Days aka "4th #HAHD Marathon Challenge" and you can follow me if you like at EzineArticles - Jo_Baker. I am aiming for a whopping 150 articles in this my first challenge, so can you egg me on if you like.

Anyway, I am off to get some brain sleep, gave up on the 'beauty sleep' awhile ago, lol, and I will be up and at 'em tomorrow morning, after some much needed rest.

Goodnight y'all... :-D

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