T-Shirt and Article Competitions - Full On!

Hello again!

How has your week been? - Mine has been full on, as usual!

This week, I have struggled to keep up with my goal of two articles written a day. I took on 3 12hour days at work doing over-time to get some wet weather gear for biking to work. Biking is great, kills three birds with one stone - saves money on buses, and gyms and I get some exercise as a nice counter point to sitting all day!

And on the work scene, we had a team competition for the month of May. We had to decorate a white t-shirt, one per team, and have it done by 31 May. I had an idea which I quickly sketched and showed to the rest of the team. They decided to go with that, and another girl on our team sketched it on to t-shirt. Long story short, our picture of a Kiwi dancing to music WON!!! We were shouted a cake for our efforts!

(On a personal note, I was over the moon about my design winning! I had never experienced something like this before and got goose-bumps because of it!) I will attempt to update a photo of it, not quite sure how to do that... if you see the t-shirt you will know I was successful. Yeeess!

My husband and I have a lovely week every time we have our grandson Daniel over to stay. He is such a smart little boy and continually amazes us. "Opa" my husband, advised Daniel to say "Excuse me..." when he wants to say something when adults are talking. Now any time we are talking and he wants our attention, this angelic little voice pipes up "Excuse me, Opa..."

Life is good and very busy!

I work full time in a call centre and write articles part time, and husband, Tim studies computers full time and his current hobby is tropical fish. We have three full size tanks and two smaller nursery tanks with many fish! Currently we have a male and female panchax in the birthing tank waiting to have their eggs, and we have approx 70 baby sword-tail fish in the other nursery tank. They are lovely to watch and very quiet!

FISH WARNING: Fish are very good at training human beings. Whenever anyone comes near they congregate swimming mutely looking like they have not been feed for ages, and they will train you to feed them whenever they want!

Articles: Well... dragging a little behind here! Good news is that with the holiday here in NZ (Queen's birthday weekend) I took the opportunity of booking in another two days off on ANNUAL LEAVE, so, hurray for having a five day weekend!!!
So, the plan is to write and write and write...

Just a word about article marketing: when I first started writing articles, my click thru rate was about 4%, 98 articles later my click thru rate is now 11.9%. So, why the change? I think that as I write my articles are getting better, and some articles connect better with my audience than others. So the way we write articles must meet the needs of our audience, otherwise we won't make the connection and provide the solutions they need. Oh, by the way, Project Mom has just produced video 5# - get in to view here - Project Mom Video 5#. Are you following this?

I took off a bit of time today to prepare two canvases to do a couple of "paintings" with a pen and ink nude on each one once the paint has completely dried. I have some of my paintings on a website called Paintings I Love - you can view them out here http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/jobaker When the new pictures I am doing are finished I will add them to my gallery.

So, that's me for now... talk to you again soon.

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