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So far, I have written over one hundred articles for the 4th #HAHD Marathon Challenge with EzineArticles, but I have changed my goal to two hundred..The good news is that I can do it if I write 5 articles each day for the next two weeks. The bad news is that there are only 17 days left...

This last month has been incredibly busy! Still working full time, been ill for two weeks out of the last four and just recently had our daughter and her little boy move back home...that is, move in with us.

I write many articles about relationships, how you can resurrect damaged relationships, yet I see relationships break up all the time!

It just breaks my heart when it is family.

You know that when there is no hope of reconciliation, it is still the most painful experience of human existence. The children most of all suffer as they do not understand and feel torn in two.

I firmly believe that a child needs both parents to grow up well emotionally and mentally and socially. Yet when it came down to it, I could not make my previous marriage work. Perhaps it is not so much that I could not but that I gave up. I endeavoured to persuade my ex husband to place more importance on our relationship and spend more time together, and it would be ok for a very short period and then things would go back to "normal."

Guys and gals, as much as work and achievements are important, it does not have the same value when you have no-one you can share it with or do it for. Relationships, especially with the ones you are closest to, are THE most important things in your life, or they should be...

You are "made" through your family, your life has meaning because of your family and you owe your existence to family.

So many people forget and take each other for granted, and it is usually when you lose them that you fully realize their value to you.

Do not wait till then. Think what your life would be like without your loved one. Do this every so now and then, to remind yourself - before it is too late.

My darling daughter married in a hurry and now is "repenting" in leisure...there are some things you need to talk about before getting married and keeping secrets tend to backfire. If you cannot trust your mate before you are married, getting married will not keep them with you.

Her soon-to-be-ex kept certain information from her till after the wedding, rushed her into it, hoping that once they were married that would "tie" her to him. You cannot do these things and still have it work for you.

Now, she could have forgiven him if she had seen some evidence that he was willing to change and she had seen him making active changes... but he did not.

The moral of the story is that you can rebuild a bad relationship if you are willing to forgive and change. The better course of action would be to be trustworthy and open and honest from the beginning.

There are certain things required of us to build a good relationship, and these things only work to our betterment for our future as well.

There are no shortcuts to the happy life with a loving do need to be the best you can do need to bring something to your relationship and work on it every day ... you do need to make that commitment and keep it.
The thing is ...that it is all worth it... life is richer, fuller ... to the degree of effort and love that you put into it.

Intimacy and closeness is not over-rated.

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