100 Day Challenge with EzineArticles

Hello again ...

We are now up to the 8th day of the 4th #HAHD Marathon Challenge with EzineArticles and so far I have written 10 articles! Not bad, but my goal is 200 in 100 days so I'll need to catch up as well as keep on writing 2 articles each day!

So what do I write about?

Well, I belong to a group called keywordgenius put together by a guy called David Bocock.

I originally found him on a site called 4 DMMB (4 Day Money Making Blueprint) where he shows you (for one very small payment) how you can build an online business through article marketing (to begin with).

He took the Bum Marketing Method put out by Travis Sago, and put together lots of short, easy-to-follow videos on every aspect of setting up article marketing associated with affiliate marketing - that is, signing up with a place like Clickbank (or other Vendor) and selling other people's products for a commission.

Is it hard to do?

No, but it does take persistence and perseverence, and a willingness to learn.
It can be fun to write articles, and watch the numbers climb, of people who come to read your work and hopefully get some value from what you are promoting.

How do I find things to write about?

As I mentioned earlier, I joined keywordgenius which is now open to join (for the moment anyway), and each month I follow on with the micro-niches David has found, research those and write about them.

My next step is to get enough info together and start putting up Squidoo Lenses, which also help to attract Google's interest.

One of the things that you want to do when writing articles is to get free traffic to your site(s) by ranking in the first page of search engines like Google so that people can find you.

At this time, my articles point to my web domain which points to my 'affiliate' sales landing page for the product I am promoting.

When I have my Squidoo Lens page up I will then point my articles to my lens page, which will have my links to the 'affiliate' sales landing page for the product I am promoting. It can also have an email capture box if I want to keep in touch with my visitors and customers.

The desired goal is to eventually develop a product of my own, but this is not absolutely necessary to build a business online.

It would be great if I could - even if it was a book - as in fiction! (Which I would like to write one day - I even have something of a title: "What I would Tell My Kids - If I Knew Then, What I Know Now" - maybe that one would not be fiction...)

What do you think? Catchy title, huh ...

Anyway, that's all for today...more later...

Stay in touch for more updates on my massive writing challenge..!

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